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You are a person of impeccable style and taste, determined to position yourself highly and permanently within society’s rarefied reaches. This morning among your letters, you received an ornate but anonymous invitation to an afternoon tea. You recognize the other guests’ names — three invidiously ambitious social climbers who are attempting to rudely clamor over you in their distasteful haste to invalidly elevate themselves. Well, well.

You arrive at the social gathering, having brought with you a special blend of tea to brew and share with the others at the table. You’ve also brought a dose of poison whose flavor is concealed in tea, cleverly tucked away and ready for when the time is right.

Welcome to ‘Spilling Tea’! Three courses of tea, food, and perfectly pleasant company await you.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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i'm excited to play this!!! just so you know, the download is just for a generic file that has to be manually renamed into a .pdf!

thank you Courtney, I would love to hear how your poisoner's tea party goes! 

Thank you also for telling me about the extension issue, I'm going to check that file and will update it.

we got to play this this weekend for a birthday party and had an excellent time!!! in the end, the friend who struggled the most with initiating vignettes was the only one left alive. we struggled a little with the passive part of passive-aggressive just due to who we are as people and as such didn't do as much of the roleplaying out the vignettes but still had an absolute ball gasping dramatically at one another and collapsing to our various deaths. building off each other's flaws and sordid histories as we went was a ton of fun!!!! the consensus was that we'd love to do another round sometime after researching inspiration for things rich socialites get petty about, lmfao

This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it, I'm absolutely delighted to hear how much fun you all had. We absolutely adore the thought of your vindictive & highly vocal ghosts, haha!