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A #zinequest game by Ash Cheshire & Lara Turner, made possible by our fine Kickstarter backers and generous Patreon supporters!

A GMless game for 3-6 players, The Magical Repair Shop is a cozy storytelling game about magical artisans repairing and restoring treasured magical heirlooms. Take these beloved but broken items, and with skill, patience, and your own love of the craft, make them better than new. Bring joy to the hearts of their owners. Make the world more magical.

A magic item is more than the enchantments that bind it together… the item’s history is bound up in it. Any half-competent street mage can light a sword on fire, but the Sparkblade awarded to your grandfather during the War of the Frostlings isn’t just any flaming sword; it’s an heirloom.

When your family’s ancestral faerie demesne begins to unravel, when a beloved familiar is injured, when your mum’s ring of far-sight gets spontaneously dispelled… sure you could get a new one, but you could never truly replace it.

That's why they come to us here, the heirs and inheritors and lucky magpies with their broken treasures that they entrust to us, through the door that reads...

Welcome to the Magical Repair Shop.

 Everything can be mended.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Good magic to you!

When our Kickstarter backers absolutely bowled us over with their generosity and enthusiasm, we wanted to thank our entire community for showing up to support our game. We promised we would gift copies to anyone who couldn't afford it otherwise, in honor of each and every backer.  Here they are! 

If you want to make some magic mended but $5 is too steep right now, please claim a copy with our (and our backers'!) compliments. Stay magical!



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I played this with friends as a changeup from my usual diet of super heavy tactical RPGs, and it was a very cozy, very nice relaxing night. Just what we all needed for some good vibes in the end of this terrible year!

Good magic to you Erika, and thank you so much! We agree it is the cozy vibes we love :)

I played this game online with a friend recently, and found it super cozy. We told a really great story and it's one we wouldn't have done without this game's elegant character creation process. When the game was done I came here and bought it!

Good magic to you, Jon!

Thank you so much for your comment, and we're delighted to hear how much you enjoyed the game.

Stay magical! 🔮